What You Can Gain by Walking Barefoot Over Grass

Walking barefoot over the green grass- it sounds romantic, right? Well, this romance with Mother Nature has a number of advantages too! The earth, in fact, has a lot of energies packed up, which, on coming in contact with your body can promote refreshing changes within the mind and soul. If you have not yet started walking barefoot, I am sure, after reading this, you would definitely get started. And not just grass, you can as well walk barefoot on sand or soil, too!

Healthy feet

Yes, if you walk barefoot on grass, it is a great exercise for your feet. The ligaments, tendons and muscles in your calves, ankles and feet are stretched and strengthened. This in turn offers protection against knee strain, injury as well as back problems. Moreover, flexor strength is also improved which especially benefits those suffering from the problem of flat feet. Apart from these, walking barefoot over grass also helps you maintain an upright posture, thereby bringing down the risk of stiffness, strain or callus development in the soles of the feet.

Improved eyesight

Recently my friend gave me a health magazine and through it I came to know that there are a number of reflexology zones in our feet corresponding to different organs in the body. This also includes the eyes. As we walk barefoot, the third, second and first toes receive the maximum pressure, which are actually the prime reflexology pressure points so far as the eyes are concerned. So, once these points are stimulated, the eyesight is improved. Moreover, your eyes are also soothed when you look at the green grass, more so, when the grass is covered with morning dew.

Relief from stress

A barefoot stroll on grass, particularly during the morning, aids rejuvenation of the senses and makes your mind calm. In fact, there are numerous benefits to be derived when your body is exposed to a combination of warm sunlight, fresh air, peaceful morning atmosphere and green surroundings. While you get vitamin D from sunlight, fresh oxygen rejuvenates the organs and the serene atmosphere relaxes the mind and body.

Again, if you start your day with a barefoot walk of 30 minutes over grass, it enables you to handle the activities of the whole day in a more stress-free manner. Additionally, 30 minutes barefoot walk in the evening will help the mind unwind.

Neutralization of electrical energies

This is really one of the benefits worth mentioning. Free radicals that continually accumulate within your body from exposure to insecticides, cigarettes, trans fats, radiation, and so on, gradually promote loss of electrons from the body. Given this, barefoot walking over grass helps a lot since the earth is loaded with free radical-busting electrons.

I want to share with you a review published in 2012 in the Journal of Environmental and Public Health. It says that if you walk barefoot over the ground, the surface electrons present on the earth get transferred within your body and can bring about remarkable physiological changes. With their antioxidant effect, the electrons can combat oxidative stress, which causes inflammation and diseases.


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