Vision Problems and Natural Ways to Enhance Eyesight

In recent times, thanks to the numerous computers and laptops available in the market, vision problems have become very common. Both adults as well as children are suffering from some vision problem or the other. Prior to discussing how you can enhance the eyesight, let us understand why the eyes get strained if you work over a computer for long.

When we view objects in the phone, laptop or computer screen, the muscles need to overwork in order to make adjustments for the light that the screen emits. Continual adjustment to changing images is what causes strain in the eyes.

Steps to take for natural enhancement of eyesight

One of the major causes of visual disorder is fatigue and strain in the eye. So, it is your responsibility to help your eyes recover from the fatigued state. Some natural tips are given below which really helps.

Stimulation of the eye muscles

The technique of stimulating the eye muscles is quite simple. The only thing is that you need to practice it every morning. Once you get up from bed, wash your face with a little cold or cool water. After that, take water inside your mouth filling it completely, keep your eyes shut and splash water over them. This action acts as stimulation for the eye muscles owing to the pressure that the water inside the mouth exerts. Once you splash cold water the nerve endings on your face are enlivened and your skin is rejuvenated.

Massaging the eyes when they are overworked

This works wonders for those who have to work for a long period of time sitting in front of the computer or laptop.

Hold the eyebrows between the index finger and thumb, in a way that the index finger remains below the eyebrow and the thumb above. Now, straighten the eyebrows by pressing them gently, so that a mild pressure is exerted on all points. After that, roll the thumb along the eye socket. This exercise, if repeated every four hours, enhances blood circulation within the eyes. The eyes are thus rejuvenated from the fatigue caused by constantly staring at the screen of the computer or laptop.

Improvement of eyesight through exercise

I am going to tell you about an exercise that leads to stimulation of the muscles present around the eye balls. It is very easy to do. Initially you need to rotate the eyeballs to the left and right, and then rotate them downwards and upwards. Repeat this three to four times both in the clockwise as well as anti-clockwise directions.

Rest for the eyes

This technique has been in practice for a considerable period of time, and in recent times obtained the name ‘palming’. You need to rub the palms of your two hands for half a minute till some warmth develops between the palms. Then gently keep the palms on your eyes. Maintain this for approximately 60 seconds or till the palms remain warm. Once this is done, open the eyes gradually. You must let your eyes gradually adapt to the environmental change when you open them. So, refrain from directly looking into bright light.

Batting of eyelids

Constant staring takes away moisture from your eyes. Blinking helps in renewal of that moisture, thereby bringing some relief to your tired eyes. Hence for relaxation of the eyes, go for blinking every four or five seconds.

Getting some sleep

Sound sleep is extremely necessary. Apart from healing the body by providing it some rest, sleeping also relieves your eyes from strain and light. It also gives your body the scope to repair itself, so adequate sleep triggers the body’s renewal procedure, and this includes the eyes too. Experts opine that ten minutes of meditation prior to going to bed makes you capable of sound sleep.

Diet for healthy eyes

Besides exercises, the diet also aids the body’s renewal procedure. I share below some diet guidelines you can follow for maintaining of healthy eyes:

  • Dry fruits and nuts: So far as the eyes are concerned, figs, raisins and almonds are elixirs. Here is a home remedy that one of my friends shared with me, made of natural ingredients. Soak around eight to nine almonds and fifteen raisins in a small amount of water overnight. In the morning, consume them in empty stomach. The great quantity of vitamins and fibers in these fruits helps to accelerate the pace of digestion, enabling elimination of toxins from the body. This in turn goes a long way in resolving problems related to the eye.
  • Carrot and gooseberry: A great home remedy for curing ailments related to the eye is to consume a cup of gooseberry and carrot juice. This should again be done in the morning when your stomach is empty. Both gooseberry and carrot consist of lots of vitamins and antioxidants which are very effective in combating oxidative stress within the body.
  • Foods loaded with copper: As a micronutrient, copper has innumerable benefits. One of the primary benefits of copper is that it is extremely powerful as an antibacterial agent. Naturopathy practitioners suggest drinking water stored in a copper utensil. This has a number of healing properties with respect to the vital organs including eyes.
  • Foods rich in Vitamin A: Foods such as oranges, green leafy vegetables, carrot, almonds and fig are loaded with Vitamin A. Try to have one or more of these foods on a daily basis.


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