Top Secrets to Healthy Eating on the Road

Whenever we think of eating during travel, most of us think of some tasty and spicy fast food. But these actually have a bad impact on our health and affect the activities that we have planned during our travel. It is not too hard to eat healthy if you really want to. Here are some tips for your aid.

Eat good amount of protein

The intake of the right quantity of complete protein in terms of your activity level and body weight can help you stabilize your blood sugar level, in turn doing away with energy lags. It also increases your concentration and helps you maintain a strong and lean physique. By complete protein I mean any dairy or animal product, or even legume along with a grain (something like beans and corn tortilla or nut butter on whole grain bread). The reason why I am stressing on lean, high quality protein is that you need it the most when an entire day at the beach, or a long drive or a long hike is on the cards.

Avoid foods that do not have the ‘feel good’ factor

I do not need to tell you what these foods are. You already know them; paradoxically they are the foods you long to eat, and feel depleted or sick after eating them. While you are travelling, you should take special care to stay away from foods that lead to energy drain or mood deflation. Some of these foods are:

  • Anything that is deep fried
  • High glycemic foods or simple carbohydrates such as sugary snacks, refined grain products, sodas or fruit juices
  • Any food item that is hydrogenated partially and this includes stuff like margarine, nondairy creamer and almost all baked goods that come in a packaged form.
  • Non-fat sweeteners or desserts, which are a storehouse of chemicals that cannot be easily metabolized by the body
  • Excess quantity of alcohol

Eat more number of times, but in smaller amounts

If you eat healthy food in small amounts all through the day, your brain gets the signal that abundant quantity of food is available; therefore it would not be bad to burn those calories rapidly. Moreover, at a single sitting, if you limit your calorie load, you get plenty of energy. On the other hand, if you consume too much calories in a single meal (and this includes healthy calories too), your brain gets the message that hard times might come, and as a result the calories would be stored as fat. Moreover, excessive eating in a single sitting might also cause sleepiness and sluggishness.

Follow the rule of ‘one and done’

I understand that while you are on the go, it is not always possible to strictly follow the routine of breakfast, lunch and dinner. So, let me suggest a great alternative to that. During your travel, choose a particular item in a day containing large amount of calories, such as ice cream, from any local dessert stall. Consume it, enjoy the treat, and happily move on.





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