Things You Must Let Go in Order to be Happy

What do you require to usher in happiness into your life? Majority of us will list out the following things: a big car, a big and beautiful house, a lover or a friend and money. As we strive to obtain these things we must also remember that these things do not come easily, and we should never make our bliss dependant on such things.

Given this, we always have the power or capability of letting go of things that are not needed. Let me talk to you about some of the major things that you should let go to ensure that the flower of happiness blooms in your life.

Your pride

I am not telling pride is always bad. Yes, in particular contexts it is indeed a good thing. However, if you take your pride to extremes, it can cause destruction in your life by ruining you personally and professionally. Once your pride intervenes, you become blind to your mistakes, and this implies that your learning process is completely disrupted.

Excessive pride can hinder improvement in work, or prevent you from seeing or understanding the other perspective in a fight with a colleague, friend or partner. In fact, pride can completely destroy relationships. So, free yourself from it before it takes a toll on your happiness.

A grudge

In this matter both priests and psychologists hold the same opinion. They advise their congregants and patients to let go off any grudge and forgive the enemies. I know this is often hard to do because we continually have the feeling that certain people do not deserve to be forgiven.

But you must remember one thing- your point of focus is not these people, but you yourself, and the question is about what you deserve. You deserve to become capable of moving ahead in life, and to do this, the feeling of resentment should be abandoned. So, do not let anyone interfere with your happiness.

After all, a bright future is what you deserve, and not haunting skeletons of the past. There are people who would never ever give you closure, therefore your responsibility is to give it to yourself.

The requirement to be right

Believe it or not, this is a destructive force. The need to be right, or, for that matter, the need to be certain (say of fate, or your own actions) is dangerous. Accept the unpredictability of life, because after all, it is not that bad.

Just think of this, if you knew everything that would happen, would life be as interesting as it is? No, it would be quite boring and empty. Whether you like it or not, accepting uncertainty does make the road to happiness clearer. On the other hand, if you are always keen on being certain, it brings in depression, anxiety as well as other psychological disorders. This can force you to make certain hasty decisions that you will regret later.


Insecurity is the breeding ground for continual unhappiness. It can arise from others’ judgments as well as your own judgment. Whatever the case may be, it is absolutely unreasonable to spend your life under the burden of such judgment.

If you are putting your best foot forward, and lead a just and true life, no one has the authority to judge you. And mind you, this includes you too!

So far as people are concerned, you came across them while embarking on the journey of life, and now they are unfair. Those who really love you actually love your real self. By doubting their respect and affection, you are not doing yourself or them any kind of favor.

Past misfortunes

I agree that it is very easy to sit in a lone corner of your room, stare at the ceiling and ponder every night regarding the awful things that have crossed your way in the past. Telling yourself to “get over it and move on” is truly a difficult task particularly if the past is filled with real traumas.

Sometimes it is not under your control as to when the traumas will come and ail you. What you can stop doing is consciously inviting the traumas. Learn from the events of your past in a constructive manner but do not simply ponder over them just for the sake of doing so.

Remember that while you are reading a book, a page cannot be turned till you stop reading it. This implies, that in order to move ahead towards a future, you need to stop holding hands of the past. The time that you have lost cannot be returned back to you, but you can always make an effort not to let more time be lost.

The expectation of getting richer

After growing up, perhaps everybody on this earth dreams of becoming rich (a millionaire or a billionaire?). You must have thought about playing with money one day, whether by becoming a CEO of a corporate house or an entrepreneur or publishing a bestseller or by winning a lottery worth a lump sum.

As you age, this dream becomes a doubt. Finally you come face to face with the harsh reality that all people do not get the chance to become rich, even if they are genius or even after they work hard.

Do not think that the world will always value it if you feel that you have something great to offer. Unfortunately, this hope often prevents us from appreciating and enjoying what we have at present.

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