The Prime Health Benefits Associated with Cycling

Generally, we all know (or have been repeatedly told by our doctor) that cycling is beneficial for health. A report published in the American Journal of Public Health in 1986 says that people who are consistently cycling can expect to live for a longer period of time. In fact, cycling brings with it a plethora of health benefits, so why not look into some of the major ones?

A comfortable way to exercise

Come on! You do not need any particular time or place to ride a bicycle, and there’s also no need for spending money. I completely understand that many of you stay away from sports simply because of the belief that it requires high-end skills or perhaps because you do not have adequate time to devote to sports. However, believe me; cycling is beyond all such speculations. The most striking thing is that once you have learned cycling, you will never forget it. You just need around 30 minutes here and there, a bike, and a small amount of confidence in yourself.

Building muscle tone and strength

It is a common belief that as a fitness activity, cycling involves only the legs. But, in reality, cycling helps in a holistic manner in building strength as almost every part of your body gets involved while you are cycling.

Enhancing muscle tone

When you are cycling, your general muscle function gradually improves, and you do not even run the risk of excessive exercise or strain. Cycling on a regular basis makes your leg muscles strong and also increases the mobility of your knee and hip joints. Gradually, you will notice an enhancement in the muscle tone of your hips, rear end, thighs and legs.

Building stamina

Cycling is a wonderful route to build your stamina. Let me tell you why it is such an effective way. People who regularly cycle really enjoy doing so and every time there is a tendency to cover more distance than the previous cycling session. The interesting thing is that you won’t even notice that you have gone farther than before.

Boosting cardio-vascular fitness

Cycling keeps the heart beating steadily and thereby enhances cardio-vascular fitness. I came across some studies which have revealed that if you cycle to work, it will result in a 3 to 7% increase in your cardiovascular fitness. The largest muscle groups are in the legs and cycling uses the same for boosting heart rate thereby enhancing fitness and stamina.

Consuming calories

Well, here is another boon! If you want to shed off those pesky extra pounds, cycling is a great way. Those who indulge in steady cycling can burn as much as 300 calories in an hour. Cycling every day for around half an hour will help you burn approximately 11 pounds of fat on a yearly basis.

Reduction in stress

In fact, any exercise done on regular basis can lead to reduction in depression and stress, along with improving self esteem and well being. Moreover, if you are cycling outdoors, you have the added advantage of being close to nature and feeling oneness with the earth.

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