The Most Suitable Houseplants for Your Home’s Décor

Incorporating a beautiful plant in your house remarkably enhances the splendor, along with creating warmth and brightening up the ambience. So, bring nature inside your home through these wonderful plants. With a little care, they flourish with you, and become a part of your life.

Cast Iron Plant

This houseplant is quite hardy and is apt for homeowners who want aesthetic beauty at a low maintenance cost. For a cast iron plant, you just need to make sure that the soil is a bit damp. So far as humidity is concerned, anything will do; just ensure that the plant is not kept in too much heat. Try to avoid direct sunlight, as this plant remains fine in indirect sunlight.


Being exotic and colorful, these plants add vibrancy, wherever they are kept. Remember not to excessively water bromeliads, since these are drought resistant plants. Also ensure that the pot in which the bromeliad is kept has drainage holes, so that every time you water, the excess water seeps away from these holes.

Bromeliads need a humidity of around 60%, and you might find it a bit hard to achieve this humidity level if your house is heated by a furnace. You can follow these few convenient ways to maintain the desired humidity level:

  • Run a humidifier around the bromeliad.
  • Fill a shallow tray with water and place it under the pot. This will pass on moisture to the surrounding air, thereby increasing the humidity level.
  • Keep other plants around the bromeliad.
  • Go for regular misting using a spray bottle.

Keep the bromeliads in bright, sunny areas, but do not expose them to direct sunlight.

Prayer Plant

It’s a wonderful name, right? Well the plant has got this name owing to its huge leaves which fold together during nighttime, giving the appearance of hands that are closed in order to pray. The leaves add a unique beauty with their dark and light green pattern.

To nurture a prayer plant properly, ensure that the soil has adequate moisture spring through summer. You can keep the soil a bit drier during the winter months. It is best to keep prayer plants on a shallow water tray near other plants, since a humidity of around 50% is suitable for them. These plants are best kept away from direct sunlight in brightly lit rooms.

Parlour Palm

This delicate beauty is very efficient in cleaning the air. Strikingly, it obtained a position in NASA’s list of 50 indoor plants that clean the air. If you are cultivating this plant in your home, you need a little patience, since these plants grow slowly. Place them in a pot that has sufficient drainage arrangement, since these plants cannot resist over watering. Water them once you find that the top of the soil has dried up. It is advisable to keep them drier than usual during the winter season.

Frequent misting is advised for these plants as they survive in moderate humidity. Also, avoid direct sunlight as they are low-light plants.

Jade Plant

These sun loving plants are very convenient to grow and are very popular as harbingers of good luck. When you are cultivating these plants, on one hand you need to ensure that there is no over watering and on the other hand, you are required to check that the soil never dries out.

The humidity requirement is low, ranging from around 30% to 50%. So, grow it away from other plants in a place where there is ample air circulation. It is best to grow them beside windowsills or within a room that receives good amount of sunlight.

Snake Plant

This plant is also humorously known as mother-in-law’s tongue (please do not ask me why). Because of its waxy and smooth sword-shaped leaves that are visually appealing, this plant is a favorite of interior designers. They are the right addition for any interior garden with their hardy and versatile appearance.

There is no big issue in watering these plants; just make sure that you are not overwatering them. For a snake plant the average home humidity is absolutely suitable. Place these plants in a room with bright lights, and make sure there is no exposure to direct sunlight.


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