Snacks to Try Out On Your Fishing Trip

I just love fishing and always make some time for it every fortnight. It is a wonderful experience, and becomes all the more enjoyable when you carry with yourself some yummy snacks to give you company. Try out these snacks and I am sure they will make your fishing trip more fulfilling.

Protein rich breakfast

It is a usual habit to begin fishing early in the morning because at that time there is the highest probability that the fish will bite. But when you are starting early, more often than not, you will forget your breakfast. Whenever I go on fishing I always carry my choicest protein rich fishing breakfast, which is egg salad which I eat wrapped in a tortilla. It tastes wonderful and you also have your requisite amount of protein. Take ample quantity in the cooler so that you can help yourself to it at anytime.

Veggies with dip

Vegetables might be a “no-no” for you when it comes to fishing snacks, but believe me, this one is a great option and also a wonderful break from the usual food that you think of carrying. Cut up a mixture of vegetables such as carrots, celery, cucumber, bell pepper and the like, and serve those with any dip that you prefer. Hummus is a hale and hearty substitute for ranch dressing and it tastes yummy too.

Crackers and toppings

It is indeed very difficult to resist a cracker with a delicious topping. So, before going on your trip, pack a range of crackers and also carry a variety of toppings such as meats, sliced cheese, spreads (like cheese spread or peanut butter), tuna salads, cream cheese, egg slices or some dried fruits such as strawberries or apricots.

Trail mix

This is a tasty mixture of dried fruits and nuts which is suitable for any kind of outdoor activity. Trail mix can be purchased; but it would be good and even less expensive if you can prepare it at home by combining granola, nuts and fruits in an airtight container. You may even use add-ins such as popcorn, dried bananas, licorice bites, chocolate chips, shelled sunflower seeds, coconut flakes or dried cranberries.


While you are on a fishing trip, it would be a great mistake to forget sandwiches. You can gather the ingredients in advance and store sandwich fixing in your cooler, so that everyone in your group can prepare their own. The general ingredients that you need to carry are sliced meat, cheese, lettuce, mayo and mustard and bread. My all time favorite add-ons are jelly and peanut butter.


Who can forget these yummy stuffs? Homemade cookies are always a great hit whenever you make an outdoor trip. Two of the most delicious ones are chocolate chip cookies and peanut butter cookies.

Hot treats

Even in the summer season, certain fishing areas might be cold, particularly in the morning hours. To make your fishing moments in such areas refreshing, hot food and drinks is a perfect match. Carry some hot water so that when you are feeling somewhat chilly, you can make yourself some noodle soup, hot cocoa, or any thing like that.



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