Safety Tips When You are Traveling on Road with Your Dog

Sometimes when you are traveling, it is not always possible to leave your dog at home. You need to carry your pet with you. Travelling on the road with pets is not at all difficult if you abide by certain safety tips. Know what these safety tips are.

Keep your dog hydrated

When you are traveling with your dog, one of the primary things that you must not forget to carry is a water bottle. Dehydration is a very serious matter, considering the speed with which it can happen in humans as well as animals, when they are on the go. So, it is better to play safe, and carry more water than you think you require.

Carry a leash and an ID

Do you know that a number of pets are injured or lost every year just because they rush out of cars uncontrolled? Any responsible pet owner would agree that leashes and collars are a must when you are on the road with your dog. Moreover, you should also not ignore ID tags on collars as well as a microchip which would ensure easy identification of your dog and the home address. Note that when pets find themselves in a busy and strange environment, they feel afraid very easily and can flee within traffic or in areas where it is very hard to spot them.

Keep all body parts inside the vehicle

Would you ever let your children keep their head or hands out of the window of a moving vehicle? Definitely not! The same applies to your dog too. I know many pets “prefer it”, but it is absolutely not good if your pet exposes its lungs to polluted air or gets debris into its eyes. Moreover, by keeping the window glasses up, you ensure that your dog does not jump out of the window when the vehicle comes to a halt.

Prevent your dog from occupying the front seats

A number of drivers admit that having a pet in the front seat does cause distraction. This may result in injuries or even grave accidents causing harm to the driver as well as the pet. Hence, under no circumstance, you should allow your pet to sit in the front seat with you. If you are the driver, you should keep yourself as free from distraction as is feasible, because a lot of focus is required while you are driving a vehicle. So you should never indulge in activities like playing with animals while driving.

Remember to buckle up

There are a number of means through which you can keep your dog securely stay in the backseat by buckling it up. Generally a crate is used which you can join to the seatbelt system of the car for safety purpose. Some dogs do crave for some extra amount of freedom. For such pets, an exclusively designed harness can be clubbed with the seat so that your pet has adequate space to lie down or seat without being exposed to the danger of suffering an injury. There are also specialized harnesses which make room for back and forth movement of the dog.




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