What You Can Gain by Walking Barefoot Over Grass

Walking barefoot over the green grass- it sounds romantic, right? Well, this romance with Mother Nature has a number of advantages too! The earth, in fact, has a lot of energies packed up, which, on coming in contact with your body can promote refreshing changes within the mind and soul. If you have not yet started walking barefoot, I am sure, after reading this, you would definitely get started. And not just grass, you can as well walk barefoot on sand or soil, too!

Things All Parents Should Know About Child Walking

One of the most awaited milestones in a child’s life (and more so in the parents’ life) is walking. But as your teach your child to walk (actually it is not teaching, but more of a natural process), there are certain things which as a parent you yourself must know. These things will prevent you from taking any wrong moves as you become the supposed teacher, and your child the learner.

The Prime Health Benefits Associated with Cycling

Generally, we all know (or have been repeatedly told by our doctor) that cycling is beneficial for health. A report published in the American Journal of Public Health in 1986 says that people who are consistently cycling can expect to live for a longer period of time. In fact, cycling brings with it a plethora of health benefits, so why not look into some of the major ones?

Major Foods That Are the Cause behind Sleeping Disorders

Whether you are a night owl or an early bird, you will always agree when I say that when we lay ourselves on the bed, all we want is to go to sleep. But what if that doesn’t happen and our brain or body refuses to turn to the sleep mode? It’s pretty irritating, right? Here am I to tell you about certain foods which always find a way into our daily diet in some way or the other, and they lead to insomnia. Try to avoid these or at least cut down on their consumption, so that you can break free from your sleeping disorders to a considerable extent.

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