Major Foods That Are the Cause behind Sleeping Disorders

Whether you are a night owl or an early bird, you will always agree when I say that when we lay ourselves on the bed, all we want is to go to sleep. But what if that doesn’t happen and our brain or body refuses to turn to the sleep mode? It’s pretty irritating, right? Here am I to tell you about certain foods which always find a way into our daily diet in some way or the other, and they lead to insomnia. Try to avoid these or at least cut down on their consumption, so that you can break free from your sleeping disorders to a considerable extent.


Caffeine, whether you obtain it from chocolate, pills, or drink, is one of the major cause of sleeping disorders, or, frankly speaking, insomnia. It is in fact a psychoactive stimulant which causes excitatory neurotransmitters to be released and thereby keeps the central nervous system in an awakened state. The thing that you need to know is that caffeine’s effect extends beyond the period of requirement. This implies that close to bedtime you ought to put a restriction on your caffeine intake and stay away from consuming caffeinated drinks.

Just yesterday I was going through some expert advice on this matter which says that one should avoid taking caffeinated products 8 hours (this is the minimum requirement) prior to bedtime. Again, there are experts who opine that caffeine’s effect stays even for 12 hours post consumption. So, the best thing is to take caffeine in the morning if you want to, and shun it in the evening.

Simple Sugars

Foods which have simple sugars can lead to a considerable rise in the level of blood glucose within your body. This causes the body to have excess energy, thereby resulting in restlessness. Since the brain consumes abundant quantity of glucose, excessive blood glucose level can maintain the brain in a running condition long after its power is supposed to shut down.

Hence, you must keep yourself away from sugary foods ranging from refined carbohydrates to soda drinks. Any food that contains high levels of commercial simple sugars (for instance, fructose corn syrup), can trigger a boost in the body’s energy level, and lead to enhanced brain activity.

There is something else to this issue which I must share with you. To bring down the problems that sugar cause, a number of manufacturers have come up with artificial sweeteners. However, they also have the potential to disrupt sleep. Other food additives that can cause sleep disruption include artificial colors, preservatives, synthetic antioxidants, texture enhancers and artificial flavors.

Spicy Foods

Spicy foods can have a detrimental effect on the gastrointestinal tract. They can lead to acid reflux and intensify gastrointestinal ulcers. You won’t believe that one of the major causes of sleep disorders is gastrointestinal discomfort. A recent research reveals that 25% of people, who are ailed by insomnia without any known cause, actually cannot sleep due to acid reflux, but they do not know it.

Hence, you ought to keep a check on consumption of harsh foods and go for ingredients that promote gut healing.





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