How to Make Your Puppy Learn Good Manners at Home

The initial manner which your puppy learns at home is largely triggered by cause and effect. If your pet engages in some activity that feels good and draws your attention positively or negatively, he will repeat the action again. For example, if there is nothing around that he can chew; he might start chewing the corners of a chair, a carpet or a mattress. So, if you place a bone in a usually frequented place, his teething requirements would be satisfied.

I have seen my neighbor getting angry whenever his puppy used to jump on guests in order to greet them. The puppy often used to repeat its action just for the thrill of watching his owner’s dramatic reaction. So, to handle such situations, the first thing is to stay calm and then you can encourage the puppy to roll over or fetch a ball. He would gradually get used to such behaviors.

Here are some easy to follow guidelines to inculcate good manners in your puppy.

Managing a jumping puppy

Every puppy has a lot of enthusiasm about relationships. So, they want to greet everyone in a full-fledged manner which involves interacting face-to-face. Unfortunately, the faces of human beings are too far away for dogs to reach without jumping.

Moreover, certain actions on your part such as staring at countertops or other surfaces which your puppy is unable to investigate, makes him jump, since he has to stand on two legs to investigate the same. So, if you want to redirect the jumping habits of your puppy, everyone should be encouraged to act in the following manner.

  • Ignore the puppy when it resorts to jumping to draw your attention. If your pet is still insistent, allow him to drag a light leash within the house that can afterwards be utilized for corrections. Ask people not to resort to pushing or expressing verbal frustrations, since such reactions would trigger repeated jumping activity.
  • When your puppy becomes very eager to greet you, it would be great if you toss his choicest toy over the floor or shake a treat cup. As he steadily holds over all the paws, you need to get down matching his level.
  • Instead of placing inviting chews or toys of your puppy over tables or counters, you should place them at his level, that is, where he can reach without jumping. Moreover, whenever you see your puppy eyeing off-limit surfaces, distract his attention by something like a clap, in order to discourage him.

Making your puppy stay far from the table

One of the major activities that come first in your puppy’s list of naughty behavior is napkin stealing. Do not let your puppy ever get used to this bad habit! It is advisable to organize him at the time of meals from the very beginning. Place him on a crate or a dog bed with a chew toy. In order to make your puppy chill happily during your eating time, ensure that he has gone potty, been fed and is tired.

Inculcating good chewing manners

In order to ensure that your puppy develops good chewing habits, give your puppy one or two kinds of bones at first to chew and then purchase some more. Buying lots of bones at once will confuse the puppy, which will begin to think that all objects are playthings.



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