How to Capture Brilliant Pictures of Mountains

Mountains have always mesmerized us with their beauty and sereneness. If you can capture that perfect shot of a mountain, it would surely be a picture worth a thousand words. I have always been a fan of mountains and have learnt a lot about taking mountain snaps from experienced photographers. I would love to share some important stuff with you. So, here we go!

Go For Multiple Perspectives

Mountains have a totally different view at the top compared to the bottom. Since every perspective has some uniqueness in it, it would be great if you spend considerable amount of time in exploration of the available options. Try to spot a clearing close to the bottom part of the mountain, from where the mountain appears to rise up from the ground level. If you ask me, I would say that lakes make the most brilliant mountain photography. Apart from being a sure shot clear spot, they also generate the reflection of the mountain in water.

Shoot from the middle, from below or from above the mountain. You never know where you will obtain the most striking images. Experienced photographers would tell you that more often than not, they come from the most unexpected places.

Generate an ominous feeling through clouds

So far as an image is concerned, clouds always render a dramatic element. This includes the mountains too. To get the most brilliant mountain pictures, I would definitely place myself in a position from where I can use fog to frame the shot. I admit this is not possible for each and every mountain range. Generally, if you happen to be close to some water body such as a lake, chances are high. Another thing to note is that you are required to get up early in the morning, because you have to reach the position before the fog vanishes.

With respect to mountains, sunset pictures are always more appealing when plenty of clouds are there. I bet that there can be nothing better than snapping a mesmerizing image of an approaching storm across the horizon. Just try it!

Present a sense of scale through positioning people

It is obvious that while people are small, mountains are enormous. So, when people are placed in front of mountains, it actually gives a wonderful sense about how huge the mountains are. In fact, ask me what would be the most suitable foreground subject for capturing mountain snaps, and I would say it is people. Hence, whenever you think of taking photos of mountains, it would be wise to let a friend accompany you.

Adjust the white balance settings in case of snow

Remember that mountains have good amount of snow, which can jeopardize the white balance settings if you do not take adequate care. Often in the final snap, you obtain dark grey images, which are nowhere close to the white snow you wanted to portray. You might also get a bluish tint wherever you go.

A majority of the digital cameras possess an exclusive setting so far as snow is concerned. If you have such a digital camera, you must make good use of it. If you get white snow in your snaps then you have calibrated the white balance with success.



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