Creative Things to Help You Stop Feeling Lonely

Feeling lonely does not mean that you always have to be alone; I sometimes feel lonely even when I am amongst people or within a crowd. Loneliness is like a disease, and if you do not take steps to cure it at the proper time, it might cause serious disorder in your life. So, if you are going through loneliness, start off with these creative things to bring down the gloomy thoughts. 

Simply show up

Familiarity is the major source of attraction. Just the other day I came across a journal in a library which has published a research revealing the increased amount of affinity that developed amongst same-sex strangers, after every conversation they indulged in. This is true both for offline conversations as well as online chat. The thumb rule is you should never be hesitant to start off a conversation with people, irrespective of whether you like them or not. If you exhibit genuine interest in others, you will more often than not, find them reciprocating your feelings.

Understand that loneliness is different from isolation

Loneliness happens to be an emotion, which is mostly caused by a depressing memory. Unluckily, every normal human brain has a tendency to excessively analyze things, hence each moment you feel lonely, you tend to enhance that loneliness simply by asking yourself “What is the reason I feel so alone?” or “Does no one love me?” I suggest that when such moments of loneliness occur to you, refrain from overanalyzing or overreacting, and simply acknowledge the feeling.

Watch a movie

I love to do this since I am a great movie buff, and I especially love watching comedy movies when I am feeling lonely. Even if you are not a movie kind of person, just sitting in front of the television or laptop (or any other gadget that lets you watch a movie) and indulging yourself in an interesting story helps you bypass your gloomy thoughts for a considerable span of time.

You may invite some friends to give you company or if that is not feasible, simply watch the movie alone. Watch a comedy, a superhero movie, even a chick-flick, but do not opt for a tear jerker. Grab some popcorn and candy to get into the perfect mood.

Bring home a lovely pet

Remember the age-old saying that a dog is a man’s best friend? Well, for that matter, any cute pet can become your best friend, be it a dog or a furry cat. The playfulness of pets combined with the sheer joy (or shall I say troubles?) that you will feel as you interact with them or train them will help you erase your own troubling thoughts from your mind. Your mood can be boosted even by a parrot or a goldfish.

Read fiction books

I would earnestly request you not to read a book on how to tide over loneliness. I do not have anything against the authors, but somehow I feel that such self-help books might aggravate the feeling of loneliness. Instead pick a good novel and start going through it. Once you become completely engrossed in a good story or start identifying with a strong personality or character, it reduces gloominess and helps in increasing confidence.


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