A Smart Guide to Creating a Healthy Home

An unhealthy home can harm your family’s health, and especially bring in different kinds of health issues for the kids. However, there is nothing to worry. Small actions on our part can ensure that our home in well-maintained and healthy. Read on to know how simple steps on your part can keep your home and family healthy.

Enhance the quality of indoor air

Strikingly, researchers have come up with ample evidence that the pollution level of the air inside the room is often greater than that of the outside atmosphere. And the worst part of it is that we spend a lot of time indoors.

Wood burning fireplaces, gas stoves and malfunctioning heating equipments are the major sources of pollution in the interior of the house. They emit considerable amount of carbon monoxide and carcinogens. So you need to fix them.

While you are making use of the gas stove, set the kitchen fan to the maximum. Also, keep a few windows open to allow some fresh air to circulate so that the carbon monoxide moves out. It would be a great blunder to use a gas stove as a source of heat.

So far as wood burning fireplaces are concerned, the smoke coming out can lead to breathing problems and heart ailments. The most viable solution for this is not to use your fireplace. If at all you have to use the fireplace or wood stove as heat source, take the following precautions:

  • While using the fireplace, keep the fireplace damper open, allowing gases and smoke to pass out.
  • Prior to lighting the fire, make sure that your home is getting a fresh supply of air.
  • If your fireplace is not accompanied by a combustion air duct, you must have something like an open window for fresh air supply.
  • When you are not using the fireplace, maintain the damper in a closed condition.
  • Refrain from burning wood that is chemically treated or painted.

In case of heaters, ensure that no leaks exist. For this, go for regular professional inspections.

Prevent the buildup of mold

From mold, spores are released which can cause respiratory problems, rashes and allergies. Usually mold tends to develop in damp areas; hence you need to make sure that the humidity level of your home does not go beyond 50%. You can do this either by using a humidifier or by opening the windows.

You can also prevent mold by maintaining proper ventilation in your home. Moreover, the roof must be repaired, if required, and gutters cleaned. Very often overflowing gutters and a damaged roof causes moisture development which leaks into spaces. Moreover, dry wet areas as much as possible.

Keep a control on dust

Like mold, dust can also lead to allergies and ail people who are suffering from asthma. The most convenient way to do away with dust is to go for frequent vacuuming, covering the areas along the floorboard and under the furniture. I would suggest installation of hardwood floors if you want to walk that extra mile, since these are comparatively easier to clean.

Stay away from pesticides

I know in a majority of households, pesticides always find a way in some way or the other. But use of pesticides for a long period can cause health problems in young children like learning disabilities, asthma, along with having a negative impact on early brain development.

Instead of using pesticides, you may opt for cleaning your home in the following ways:

  • If any spills occur, wipe them up immediately. Use soap and water for cleaning sticky surfaces.
  • Throw away garbage daily and make sure the lid or the outside of the garbage can is free from any food residue.
  • Do not keep ripe fruits outside but refrigerate them.
  • Use covered containers to store beverages and fruits. This includes ingredients that are used for baking or cooking like, flour, sugar, and so on.

Refrain from using air fresheners

Almost all of us love air fresheners and tend to use it now and then. But wait! A study has revealed that air fresheners contain more than 300 different allergens and chemicals, which have the potential to reduce lung function and increase asthma. So, it is best if you can replace air fresheners with fragrant plants and flowers, which are a wonderful natural alternative.

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