6 Survival Tips for a Happy Hiking Experience

Hiking is a very pleasant and fulfilling experience. But what if you lose your way and find yourself in a trying situation? Here are some survival tips which can bail you out.

Possess the appropriate gear

When we talk of the right gear for hiking, map, compass and pocket knife comes to my mind first. Well, it goes without saying that you must know how to use these things. Moreover, you should also carry plenty of water and food, a lighter or matches and a first-aid kit. Again, if case you plan to stay overnight, you must bring the necessary things for camping.

Stick to your plan

I know it is very easy to become panicky when you see that you or anyone else in your hiking team is not aware regarding your location. In such situations, the most crucial thing is to remain calm. If you act predictably, the rescue team would be capable of finding you easily. First of all, sit down. Then decide whether food or shelter is available or you can build a signal fire or shelter initially prior to staying the course.

Beware of wild animals

You would certainly agree with me when I say that one of the most enchanting things about exploring nature is coming across creatures that have made this planet their home just like us humans. You must be aware that there is a reason why they are called wild animals. Although bear attacks are infrequent, there are chances that it can happen. So, it would be wise to carry some bear repellent spray. And, wait! Even if you feel that a particular animal is not dangerous, still you should exercise caution. Let me tell you that there are even cases where hikers have been killed by mountain goats.

Stay visible

In case somebody is looking for you, it is your responsibility to make his or her job easier. If you are carrying bright clothing with you, you must put on the same. Moreover, you must stay on high, open ground. It would indeed be wonderful, if at regular intervals, you can blow a whistle.

Signal for assistance

Whenever you are in trouble, you must indicate your location to potential rescuers by using signals apart from staying in sight. Build a fire in such a position that makes you visible without triggering a wildfire. On the ground, you must create a signal that people can see from the air. Your job would be half done if you can create the international distress symbol for getting lost in the wilderness- three piles of something, say leaves.

Search for water

In case your one day hike unfortunately becomes an open-ended situation, you would require searching for more water. I must tell you that when you face such a situation, it would be foolish to waste time searching for food. First find water because while you can spend days without eating, without drinking water, it would not be possible for you to survive for more than three days. Water can be available in the form of dew on plants, banana or plantain trees as well as tropical vines.



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