Preserving Wonder

Reasons Why Nature Makes You Feel So Good

Mountains, trees, rivers, the sun, the moon, the stars, and everything out there- if you spend time with them you definitely feel good. But what is that which makes you feel so good? Science says that nature instills in us a ‘feel good’ factor because our very being has evolved from her. We need the natural elements, broadly speaking, nature in its entirety, because it is embedded in our very DNA.

Immunity Enhancing Recipes for Your Kids

Kids love variety in what they eat (and adults too!) From different friends and acquaintances of mine I have collected a number of recipes that kids would love to eat. There are even some recipes that I have devised after experimenting with several ingredients. Now, one major concern for kids is immunity, mainly against cold and flus. Here are some recipes which are wonderfully tasty and also score high on the immunity factor. Try these out and give a plateful of health and taste to your kids.

What You Can Gain by Walking Barefoot Over Grass

Walking barefoot over the green grass- it sounds romantic, right? Well, this romance with Mother Nature has a number of advantages too! The earth, in fact, has a lot of energies packed up, which, on coming in contact with your body can promote refreshing changes within the mind and soul. If you have not yet started walking barefoot, I am sure, after reading this, you would definitely get started. And not just grass, you can as well walk barefoot on sand or soil, too!

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